The Tween Swag - Travel Pack


  • The Tween Swag - Travel Pack

Travelling over summer?

We understand how tricky a long travel journey can be with children, especially if they are the pre-teen age. So, we bring to you this activity filled with cool swag for cool tween's.

This pack consists of:
1. A cute green Hugga doodling pocket notebook.

2. A funky blue bendy pencil.

3. An interesting read about the wonders of the world.

4. A fun shuffle card game, Pictureka.

5. And origami paper folding craft book with instructions as well as paper on the inside.

NOTE:The Bendy pencil is selected randomly at the time of shipment based on availability at the discretion of the warehouse. Comes in 3 colors - blue, black, green.

NOTE: The Origami Paper folding book comes in number 3 or number 4, subject to availability at the time of packing.

The best part? All these items - they are all mini sized and can easily fit into your tween's travel bag or backpack.

All items will be individually packed, which will allow mums/dads to keep the novelty going for longer.

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