The Toddler - Travel Pack


  • The Toddler - Travel Pack

Travelling over summer?

We understand how tricky a long travel journey can be with a super active toddler, so we bring to you this activity filled Toddler Pack. A value pack for your little toddler.

This pack consists of:

1. A hard board book about a Pilot with big images and thick pages that your baby can easily hold, turn and enjoy.

2. 8 Jumbo Crayons from Crayola that can easily be grasped by little hands and put to work to create some works of 'art'.

3.The magnetic bead trace -snail is a small game that can keep your little one occupied for a bit. Helps to build concentration as well.

4. The little auto is a small wooden car that baby can 'zoom'around on any surface and in any place.

5. The eye spies is a great toy for letting the little one's imagination run wild and make up as many stories as mummy/daddy can cope with.

The cute and colorful wooden maze is also a great way to pass time as toddlers can easily spend a good amount of time trying to make it work. Great for hand eye coordination too.

The best part? All these items are all mini sized and can easily fit into Mummy's bag or even your toddlers' little bag.

NOTE: The "who am I" board book is subject to an assortment pick and you might receive a Professional/Animal/Vehicle based on the discretion of the warehouse.

NOTE: The magnetic bead trace is subject to an assortment. You may receive a snail or a car.

NOTE: The little auto and eye spies are selected randomly at the time of shipment based on availability at the discretion of the warehouse. Colors/Styles may vary.

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