The Arty Princess - Travel Pack


  • The Arty Princess - Travel Pack

Travelling over summer?

We understand how tricky a long travel journey can be with a young energetic child in the tow! So, we bring to you this activity filled pack for the little princess'.

This pack consists of:

1. A very exciting princess craft egg which contains 4 markers, 4 crayons, 2 ink pads, 2 finger pots and 10 coloring sheets.

2. Card games are always a good idea on long flights and this pack of Princess themed game of 'Happy Families' will be loads of fun for you and your child.

3. Bendy pencils are exciting as they keep little hands busy for more than just writing.

4. Magnetic scribblers are always a favorite and especially when they the favorite princess designed on it.

5. The "How is it Different' Game is a classic game spot the difference game that handily packs away into it's box.

NOTE:The Bendy pencil is selected randomly at the time of shipment based on availability at the discretion of the warehouse. Comes in 3 colors - blue, black, green.

NOTE: The box games are subject to availability and will be selected and packed at the discretion of the warehouse

The best part? All these items are mini sized and can easily fit into Mummy/' bag or even your princess' little bag.
All items will be individually packed, which will allow mums/dads to keep the novelty going for longer.

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