Baby Milestone cards


  • Baby Milestone cards
These wonderful keepsake cards are designed so that you can create a special album by filling in the date and sticking the photo to their backs on a special 4" x 6" place provided. This set features 10 cards printed on thick matt, thick card in vibrant colours, Each card has rounded corners that are gentle to your baby. This pack includes: 1. Today I am 1 month old 2. Today I am 8 weeks old 3. Today I am 12 weeks old 4. Today I am 6 months old 5. Today I got my first haircut 6. Today I rode in a car for the first time 7. Today I let my Mum and Dad sleep through the night 8. Today I sat up for the first time 9. Today I ate solid food for the first time 10. Today I got my first tooth

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