Crayola Twisted Starter Pack


  • Crayola Twisted Starter Pack

Its that time of the year when Mummies and Daddies start stocking up on school supplies for their little ones.

Kidore brings to you together with Crayola, these wonderful packs that are economical and convenient for easy access to Back to School items.

This Twisted Starter Pack contains:

1) 12 Twistable Crayons - A set of 12 crayons that can be twisted to create more crayons for longer coloring and art work.

2) 12 Erasable Twistable Pencils - This set of color pencils needs no external sharpener or peeling. It has a clear plastic case that lets you see how much color is left.

3) 12 Bright Supertips - Crayola Supertips make thin or thick lines and give a smooth intense color that make them perfect for use on school projects and detailed art work!.

Get your Preschool Pack now and see how excited your children get with all the art/school supplies put together.

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