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Handling an Angry Child

Handling an Angry Child

Tips and tricks to deal with your angry child.

November 16, 2024 / By Louise Armstrong

My daughter is 6 years old and gets angry very quickly, for example when we say no to something she wants, how do I deal with that?

MB, Dubai.

There are many reasons for anger in a child and around the age of 6 they really start developing their personalities. I am assuming nothing is upsetting her at school or with friends, as this can always be a trigger she may not be able to express to you. I would suggest you try working ‘with the anger’ than suppressing it, letting her work through it. Listen to her complaints calmly as to why she isn’t accepting your answer of her not being allowed what she wants, (instead of you raising your voice back at her), this will show her you have empathy, whilst remaining in control. So allow her to voice her argument; then using an authoritative voice ask her if she understands WHY you have said no. As parents, we need to set boundaries for our children, which they will continue to push throughout their lives. Perhaps you can offer her an alternative to what she wants? When you stick to your values she will learn it isn’t worth pushing the boundaries on this. This is always helpful to be backed up by both parents as this gives the child security. It’s helpful to know at this point, this will be a part of life so it’s a really good idea to be firm with this now as it will make life easier for you when you have to say ‘No’ to bigger issues later in life. Once children know their boundaries they stop pushing them if the boundaries are safe and secure. If the anger continues you can look underneath this into the household – is there anger within the family or perhaps she doesn’t feel ‘good’ within herself. Let me knowhow you get on, as there are other things we can look at but we don’t want you to go into overwhelm.

For more questions on parenting, leave me a comment on and I will be happy to answer them next week. See you then, Louise

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