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Being THANKFUL… on a budget!

Being THANKFUL… on a budget!

A few ideas to celebrate thanksgiving on a budget.

November 20, 2016 / By Christina

Although not a traditional holiday from where I come from, I have always loved the celebration of THANKSGIVING. For all the Americans out there, the last week of November is not just about the Black Friday sales … it's also about just being thankful for all that we have (and often take for granted!). This year Thanksgiving falls on 24th November and I'm dedicating this post to throwing your own little THANKSGIVING party at home!

Photo credits – ThatsWhatCheSaidFor me, the most exciting (and important) aspect of the party planning process is setting the ambience. I always want my guests to 'feel' the theme. When it comes to Thanksgiving parties – think all colours fall. So basically lots of oranges, browns, deep yellows, blacks, whites, rust, cream, and everything in between. I often start by randomly placing 'throws' on the larger furniture pieces (sofas, futons, etc.). These can be proper woolly throws from the popular omestores (Matalan has a lovely warm fall range at the moment) or then I just buy cheaper pashminas from Satwa in the colours of the season.

My next favourite accessory is candles! Needless to say the retail team at IKEA now know me by face because of the obscene number of times I've visited to buy cartloads of candles. Honest to God – their simple white unscented candles are the best value for money ever! I would then dress these up with a bit of orange and light brown ribbons or gold lace and some buttons to fit the theme. Burlap and twine are great accessories to add to the rustic look.

Photo credits - TodaysFabulousFindsNext create little feature areas in your home by adding some frames with relevant sayings, quotes or simple fall motifs. I always find frames from IKEA to be the most versatile for this. I usually hot glue some motifs (dried leaves, theme coloured artificial flowers or even buttons) onto the frame for added effect. Click on this link to download free printables that can be used inside the frames.

Photo credits - LittlePinkMonsterLooking for larger items to catch your guests' eyes? Then head straight to the Fruit ∓ Vegetables market in Al Aweer or Deira to pick up pumpkins in assorted sizes and much more wallet friendly prices than Spinneys and Waitrose. Be warned though that they may not look like the picture perfect imported variety! To add some variety you can even paint over some of the smaller pumpkins to further accentuate your tablescapes.

Once you've got the decorations sorted next you can focus on the most looked forward to part of this holiday – the yummilicious food! Whip up a Turkey (since you're the host) or give the team at FibberMcGees a call for a Turkey hamper (for those who, like me, hate cooking!). Ensure that your guests know it's a pot luck party so that they can bring in all the extras! This will help keep the costs much more bearable giving you more reasons to be thankful! Spinneys and Waitrose have some amazing desserts around this season or you can even get some autumn spiced cakes whipped up at one of the local bakeries!

Print out some activity sheets to keep the children entertained. ThanksGiving has some lovely ideas for activities. All you need is access to a printer and roll the sheets into a nice tube and tie with some festive orange twine or ribbon.

thanksgivingAnd of course, don't forget the favors. A quick fix for this is mini candy bottles. Daiso have these cute spice jars that you can use for this purpose. Simply fill these with theme coloured candy or sugared almonds and viola – the perfect giveaway

Let me know how your thanksgiving celebrations go… hope this post has made your party planning just that tiny little bit easier…

Until the next party –

Christina @ Making Memories

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