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Hi, I am Ayshwarya Chari and I am the Managing Partner of I am a mom to 2 great kids, Atira (6) and Vivaan (2), and have been involved in E –commerce in the UAE for over 6 years.

When the idea for it Kidore first took root, most of the excitement around it was because we had an oppurtunity to change the E- commerce mindset in this region. Kidore was about bringing the concept of value to the table. We wanted to set up a business that bridged a gap in the market and fulfilled a need. That concept was a company that provided a value offering for kids with no compromise on quality.

The first thing that we needed to do was validate our concept, to find out if the market is indeed as hungry for value as we thought. We decided to take the direct route to the answer and simply ask you. 150 of you kindly took our survey and told us exactly what would make you happy. You definitely wanted value, you wanted service and you wanted a lovely, easy to navigate website. We took on the task and voila! Here is Kidore.

In an extremely competitive retail market, Kidore aims to give you convenience, quality and service. We are launching with over 1000 products for your kids; everything priced at AED 100 or less. We want to save you the hassle of going from store to store looking for what you need. With us, it’s all under one virtual ‘roof’ and the best part, no traffic and you can shop in your pyjamas! ;-)

We will be adding to the range regularly and I will be travelling the globe to bring you products that are smart, fun, easy to use and provide value. We will constantly work on enriching your shopping experience, but we don’t just want to be a shopping portal. We want to be a part of your lives, a community of like-minded people. To this end, the Kidore Blog is a one of a kind feature, where our wonderful guest bloggers will talk about topics close to our hearts. Do check it out

We are always open to suggestions so if you find something you feel we need to improve on, drop us a line on & we can get workin on it.

Thanks for stopping by,

Ayshwarya Chari

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