Kid’s Products in Dubai for AED 100 or below!

Need a present for your child or for a friend’s baby shower but don’t have the time or the energy to go to a toy shop or a baby shop in Dubai? Or are you like many shoppers in Dubai looking for great deals for kid’s product but don’t know which store to visit next? 

We know how frustrating and physically daunting it can be to spend hours searching through countless gift shops in Dubai looking for the perfect product that fits your budget. Or you may have had the experience of going back home empty handed or worse with a mediocre product that was bought because of the budget or lack of a better option. 

We wanted to change that and offer a faster and a more convenient way to shop for kid’s product in Dubai that will be ideal for a busy parent’s lifestyle. So, we came up with Kidore!


Over 1000 Quality Products for Kids, All Just a Click Away!


Kidore is your one-stop-shop in Dubai for affordable kids clothing, gift items for children, and other essentials for kids aged 0-12 years old. With just a click away and at the comfort of your home, you can easily sort through different items in our ever expanding catalogue of well-known children’s brands which includes Happy Jackson, Barbie, Fisher Price, and Tommee Tippee. If you are looking for a unique gifts item, children’s toy or baby shower that leaves a lasting impression, we have got you covered.  Our products are from trusted suppliers around the globe that have proven to be popular for kids aged 0-12 years old!


And since we’re obsessed with value for money, we’ve made sure you get these cool kids products at AED 100 or below! If you don’t where to start, please take a look at our best sellers list.


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